May 7, 2011

Nicki Minaj's New Video: One Bad Song Wrapped in a Delicious Video!

Honestly, I don't care for Nicki Minaj's new song, it's not even bad enough to be funny. But, this "Super Bass" video features the hottest abs around, so I wanted to share the eye candies with all of you, girls guys!
Even better, Nicki wears a few eye catching shoes, including these amazing Versace heels from the Spring 2011 collection. These shoes are so crazy: futuristic, stripperlicious and...expensive. I want them SO bad! In fact, I might fantasize about them for a while.

 Forget this guy's abs...I made that face too, when I saw these Versace beauties!



  1. I HONESTLY LOVE THIS SONG!!! i've been obssessed with it ever since. and i really really like the video. those shoes are hot! thanks for sharing.


  2. i don't understand HOW her body is real. i mean she's packing top AND bottom with that TEENY TINY waist. how is she NOT falling over? i don't understand...

  3. @Dani I know right!?!? She's like barbie >,< Is she real?

    That aside, I love those shoes and the swimsuit! Especially the swimsuit!

  4. Love the video.. I'm still 50/50 on the song though haha!

  5. Wow. The video kind of sold the song for me! I love it now! haha.
    And Good LORD, the BODY on that girl! :D Just goes to show lots of body types can be beautiful, you just have to learn how to rock yours ;)

    Have a great one! x NTA @ blogspot

  6. yall are lame who care what ya say she still richer than yall m,ore beautiful than yall i dont care how fake her body is yall still listening to her fabulouse music


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