May 21, 2011

Nuxe Body-Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite Review

It's no secret how I feel about cellulite - I hate it with the fiery passion of a thousand burning suns! - And deep down somewhere, I do understand that it is part of my genetic makeup as a member of the female species over the age of 18 - but that doesn't mean I've resigned myself to it - no siree!  I will continue to try every treatment and cream out there until I draw my last gasping breath, so there! Enough ranting, let's get on with the actual review:

Nuxe Body-Contouring Serum for Embedded Cellulite - 150ml - $39 - with a triple action body-contouring effect to reduce the effect of embedded cellulite all over the body: 1) patented Cocoa Polyphenols combined with Botanical Caffeine activate the breaking down and releasing of stored fat while Yacon Leaf Extract slows down fat regeneration; 2)Micro-Algae stimulate the natural mechanism that burns fats; 3) and patented Brazillian Mimosa and Glaucine Extract sculpt and shape waist, hips and thighs. Then throw in some Photo-Corrective Pigments for an instant optic smoothing effect on the surface of the skin.

This serum is part of the brand new Nuxe Body line.  I was drawn to it because 1) it's a serum and I really like serums, 2) it's a cellulite treatment and we've just established I'm obsessed with them, and 3) it smells amazing - with notes of Coconut Sorbet, Orange Blossom and Wild Vanilla!

Having now used up the entire tube I'm quite impressed with it.  The optic illusion aspect to it is quite clever - they've done the same blurring thing that is usually used for face products to blur lines and wrinkles and brought it to dips and dimples - this would be excellent if you are needing it because you are about to put on a bathing suit or wearing those slightly oversized underwear that girls are calling shorts these days. It also has a nice smoothing effect but I can't say that it did anything for my stored fat or slowed down fat regeneration as those body departments don't really send me any reports.  I expect I would need to use at least another tube to start seeing anything dramatic. 

Overall, I liked it, and appreciated the lightness of it being a serum as it was absorbed super quick and didn't leave any stickiness behind. And here's a tip, when you think the tube is empty, it's not. Take a pair of scissors and cut 'er open.  There is at least another week's worth of serum stuck to the inside of the tube - see how thrifty I am!

You can find Nuxe as selected Shoppers Drug Mart, The Bay or now even easier at Canada's newest online beauty destination:

- Lisamarie -


  1. thanks I was searching drugmart for a good cellulite cream today and glad I didn't get any bc I am going to get this one :)

  2. To get rid of celluliteneed a comprehensive approach, not only the cream, but also massage and physical activity.


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