March 19, 2010

Lise Watier Youthful... Day After Day Challenge - Day 19! Contest!

Day 19 - PHYSICAL HEALTH - Sculpt beautiful shoulders!
Select a small object of a fair weight (e.g. a can of food).  Stand with the object in your hands and raise your arm out in front of you, taking a deep in-breath, until your arms are parallel to the ground.  Repeat the exercise, for 15 minutes.

These Lise Watier exercise people are smoking some good stuff before they come up with these torturous exercises.  15 minutes is insane, I lasted 5 minutes before my hands were so sweaty that I dropped the can on my foot (note to self, wear shoes while performing crazy exercises).  Consider taking a page out of Lady Gaga's book and fake having shoulders with some big ass shoulder pads!

- Lisamarie -

If you are confused about what this is or how to enter, you can go here to see the original post!


  1. I put on a pair of golf gloves before I started, I didn't have the problem with the sweating. :)


  2. Feel the burn --- thanks for the challenge --- i used a full water bottle.

  3. Great challenge. Think of how great your arms and shoulders will look for the upcoming beach season!

  4. I thought 30 repeats were enough but 15 minutes worth???? Ok, I'm not in great shape yet, but, I'll work my way there, thanks.

  5. This is a great exercise...I rarely exercise my shoulders. I hope to continue doing this and see some results by summer.
    jentam777 AT gmail DOT com

  6. I never knew how long 15 minutes was!

  7. This sounds like that exercise to tell you small things could weigh heavily with time :-)

  8. I used a small weight but my arms are so fatigued that i only lasted a couple minutes.

  9. Oh my! This one was as hard as the leg lift exercise!!! What is it about 15 minutes!

    By the way it is my birthday! So I need the exercise to counter act all my indulging..


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