March 9, 2010

Rihanna emulates the Green Giant, while Mia looks like a clown.

With all the commotion created by the Oscars, I forgot to show you a few wacky outfits from the Alice in Wonderland movie premiere in London where lead actress Mia Wasikowska wore this bizarre circus-like getup. I'm not sure if this is a dress or a poorly constructed jumpsuit. It definitely highlights her crotch and what woman would not dream of that? This creation makes cameltoe a thing of the past! Rejoice!

In the meantime Rihanna was a cross between the evil queen from planet Chaotica and the Green Giant.  And if I'm not mistaken this is yet another jumpsuit! Enough already.

And you know what that color reminds me of? The Parisian garbage removal staff's uniform...perhaps, the city of Paris should consider purchasing this amazingly practical outfit: I can already see how you could clean the sewers with those sleeves without having to bend at all. That would be a vision, and probably too much awesomeness for the world to handle.



  1. I kinda dig how bizarre Mia's outfit is, but Rihanna just keeps dressing worse and worse lately. D:

  2. The top of Mia's outfit is interesting. The bottom is ridiculous. Rihanna only wears costumes these days.


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