March 23, 2010

Mary Kay makes my hands happy!

My obsession with hand cream continues and this time Mary Kay is my enabler with their Fragrance-Free Satin Hands Pampering Set - $51.  Imagine my delight at a whole SET for my dainty little hands!  Here's what you get:
Satin Hands Softener - 60g, Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub - 220g and Satin Hands Hand Cream - 85g all in a cute reusable bag.

Here's how it works:
You squeeze a small amount of the Hand Softener into your palm and rub it in.  This helps maintain the natural moisture in the skin and replenishes dry areas.
Next, cleanse and exfoliate with one pump of Satin Smoothie Hand Scrub and warm water.
Dry your hands thoroughly and apply a small amount of the Hand Cream for instant moisturization.

I must admit I found the instructions a little confusing and couldn't understand why I was softening and then scrubbing my hands but I'm a crazy risk taker and decided to just go with it!  I still don't necessarily understand why, but I definitely liked the results - I am guessing that by softening the skin first, it makes it easier for the scrub to get rid of all the dry flaky bits.  And I really like the texture of the scrub, there are no sharp pieces, it contains peach and apricot seed powder to exfoliate.  Best of all, the Hand Cream was absolutely not greasy, soaked in quickly and lasted through a bunch of hand washings before I had to reapply.  It's main moisturizing ingredient is sesame seed oil.

Now Christelle and I were arguing about how convenient Mary Kay really is or isn't - and I maintain that for busy people, Mary Kay is a godsend.  Consider it, you are a stay at home mom or maybe an agoraphobic, you don't have time to (or can't) go running around town tracking down the perfect beauty item.  How awesome is it that someone will come to you, find out what you need and get it for you!  It's like having your very own magic shopping fairy!  You can locate your very own magic shopping fairy (Independent Beauty Consultant) Locator at or call 1-866-455-5454. 

As usual, you can count on Youtube to prove any point you want, suck on this Christelle!

- Lisamarie -

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