March 23, 2010

Now You Can Really Kiss My Feet! 2 Foot Scrubs to Make You Feel like the Princess you're not.

Have you ever cut somebody...I mean cut somebody with your feet, because your skin was so dry and scaly? Well, I have. Since I can't get a natural foot scrub by walking on sandy beaches,  I need to stick to a weekly routine. Here are two scrubs I've tried:

Barefoot Venus - Sole Scrubber - Smoothing Pumice Scrub for Feet & Legs
8 oz/226g
- $18.99 - Made in Canada
No sandy beach around? No Problem! The natural pumice granules in this sole scrubber will help you get rid of dry patches on your feet and heels. It contains sweet orange, lime and wintergreen, and while the scent does nothing for me, this scrub works well. It's compact and easy to rinse off. Finally, the olive oil helps softening and soothing your dry skin.

Another natural alternative:

North American Hemp Co. Hemp Husk Foot Scrub, 242ml - $9.99 - available from Rexall Pharma Plus and in Canada and Duane Reade and in the US.

I tried to explain to Lisamarie: hemp can be used in many ways....including in foot scrubs like this one. This product is creamier than the previous one. The hemp seed husks help removing calluses while hemp oil and shea butter moisturize your nice little feet. I like the mint scent of this one, it's relaxing. However this scrub is less heavy duty than the previous one. Oh, and it's made in Canada too!

I like using both - I think they complement each other - I start with the hemp husk foot scrub and finish off with the sole scrubber for problem areas.



  1. You cut someone with your feet? Ooohh. I must hear this story. LOL I love foot scrubs! You just reminded me it's time to do one for me! Thanks!

  2. It's a brand new form of chick fighting - now when she screams "I'm gonna cut you bitch"! she just kicks off her shoes and goes after them with her rhinoceros hide feet. It's frightening to watch let me tell you, I try very hard not to make Christelle mad...

    Best, Lisamarie


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