March 4, 2010

Lise Watier Youthful... Day After Day Challenge - Day 4! Contest!

Day 4 - BE BOLD - Colour your world!
Wear bright cloethes and give spring an ispiration!  If you are like Christelle and own only black and gray clothing, this one will be hard!

I put on a bright pink sweater this morning - what colour are you wearing?

- Lisamarie -

If you are confused about what this is or how to enter, you can go here to see the original post!


  1. Actually , i'm a wearing a bright pink zippy this morning aswell, the sun was shinning and i felt like pink. Under my pink zippy i have a pink and white organic shirt.

  2. I'm wearing a yellow top, wishing for the sun :)

  3. Dark green turtle neck with a white blazer

  4. I am wearing a pink top with a black sweater over top. It's hard to completely get rid of black and dark colours in my wardrobe!


  5. I think i will wear lime green, it is one of my fave colors and perfect for spring.

  6. I wore my purple jacket out to the mall today:) Sorry I posted today --- I have had trouble the last several days with the page loading the appropriate date:(


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