March 11, 2010

Annabelle - Painted Love - Spring 2010

The spring collections just keep coming and I'm just so happy that colour is back this year!

Custom Quad Eyeshadows - $3.95/each - 4 new trend shades (available until August 2010)- Pinked, Helium, Nymphet, Toxic Garden - mix and match these with regular colours from the permanent collection to make a palette that is uniquely you.  4 pan magnetic compact - $4.95 - People who hate commitment (yes, I'm talking to you Christelle) will love this, as soon as you get tired of a colour, pop it out and stick another one in it's place, if only that was easy to do with husbands...

Studio Pigment - Pure White and Matte Black - $8.50 - highly concentrated loose pigments that may be used dry or mixed with water to create an intese effect.
 Smudgeliner - $8.50 - 2 new limited edition shades: Green Tease - acid lime and Extra Celestrial - bright aqua - glides on smoothly and is waterproof formula enables the vibrant colour to last all day.  I am going to need this aqua one!

Blush - $6.75 - Rapture - a very wearable shade of pink-apricot suitable for all skin tones.

Le Gloss Stick - $7.95 - 2 new limited edition shades: Floriffic - soft pink and Chillax - nude.

Better yet, there is a Youtube video showing you how to get the Painted Love look!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I saw this palette and individual eyeshadows in Shoppers, but it was like $5.95 or something like that, but if you bought 4 you got the compact for free. I'm going to go and try some of their colours the compact is sooooo cute and durable!

  2. I'm sure if you're polygamous you could switch up husbands when you get sick of them ;]

    sakjdlkjas i want the quad.

  3. Ohhh, a free compact - thanks for the tip - I didn't see that one - great deal! And yes, a bunch of husbands would be great - one to fix things, one to cook, one to give you foot massages..what religion does that? Sign me up!

    Best, Lisamarie


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