March 22, 2010

Jacob loosens up for Spring!

Jacob tells me that pegged trousers are the thing for this spring and I am somewhat horrified.  I was hoping that what I was thinking was a pegged trouser was different then Jacob's definition of one, but sadly this was not to be.  Jacob describes them as "looser at the thighs with a tapered leg, often with a cuffed hem to reveal the ankle, you could say it's a close cousin of the harem pant or the pant version of boyfriend jeans".  I'm okay with the pant version of boyfriend jeans but the words "harem pant" make me want to run screaming into the night - close cousin or not, that is one relative that needs to get cut off the Christmas card list!  I'm afraid I'm going to have to give this trend a miss.  But if you are super tall, have long skinny legs or think MC Hammer is da bomb, then by all means, give this trend a try.  I really will go in and try a pair on the next time I am by a Jacob's - but having lived through the tapered trend in the 80's, when I did have skinny enough legs to pull it off, I have a good idea what this trend will look like on me now!  Just remember, you will want to go skinny on top to offset the volume of the pants - luckily Jacob has given us some adorable tanks that will do just that!

 In order:  Sateen Pegged Pant - $79, Career Pegged Pant - $89, Pleated Knit Pegged Pant - $49

Ruffled Tank - $28 - this is too cute, I love the colour too!

 Draped Top - $48 - also adorable and I suspect that draping would be very forgiving to bulges.

Short Sleeveless Blazer - $129- such a nice layering piece!

Fold-Over Studded Bag - $48 - I love this bag enough to forgive Jacob for any other transgressions!

- Lisamarie -


  1. Those pants are so not for me! LOL. I too lived through the craze in the 80s and maybe then it was possible...but I do love the shirts and the blazer/vest!


  2. Anything we did fashion wise in the 80's is questionable and should never be repeated! ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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