March 18, 2010

Givenchy - New Impressions - Spring 2010 - Totally droolworthy!

I have been slow in posting about this collection and I apologize but I decided when I saw the above picture that is was just so darned pretty that I needed to see the collection myself in person before writing about it.  I also decided I would post about it first before buying anything, because if I hadn't reigned myself in when I was at Sephora, I would have bought the whole line - it was almost irresistible! 

Printed Lips - Tinted Look Lip Stainer - $27 - Limited Edition - Pink Impression and Rose Impression.  I just wrote about lip stains a little while ago here but I hadn't seen these ones yet or I would have included them in the list.  They are the "magic marker" form that I like for a more precise application and are water based.  I really like the deeper rose one


Pop Gloss Crystal - Coral Impression - $27 -

Gloss Interdit - Magenta Impression - $28 -

Rouge Interdit - Rose Impression - $31 -

Rouge Interdit Shine - Coral Impression - $31 -

All the lip products are meant to be used on their own or layered over the Printed Lips.  I have several of the Interdit Shines already and this one with go nicely with my collection I think.


 Le Prisme Blush - Powder Blush - 4 Colors - $47 - In six new colours: Inspiration Rose, Vintage pink, Aficionado Peach, It-girl Purple, In Vogue Orange and Fashionista Brown.  I have a couple of these already from previous collections and I love mine so I knew that new ones could only mean trouble for me!  I think Inspriation Rose and It-girl Purple need to come home with me!

Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension Lengthening Mascara - Purple Impression - $32 - Limited Edition - an elegant violet that illuminates both light-coloured and dark-coloured eyes.  I knew I wanted this after seeing the beauty shot for the line - I love coloured mascara!  I haven't tried this particular one yet and I find the brush a little daunting.  I would love to hear if anyone has used Phenomen'Eyes and what you think about it!

Parad'Eyes Liner - Mauve Impression and Nude Impression - $31 - Limited Edition - mauve with white and pink pearlescent particles and a nude shade veiled with golden and white pearlescent particles.


Vernis Please - Purple Impression - $ - Limited Edition - a blend of blue and pink pearlescent particles - I was really looking forward to seeing this one especially and it was sold out - not only that but someone had stolen the tester!

Back in the spotlight, to compliment the New Impressions collection are:

Mister Light - Mister Milk - $37 - wakes up the complexion to illuminate or correct it.
Mister Mat - $34 - to stay matte all day long.

Prismissime Visage - Light Silk - $52 - a palette of light hues for creating a perfect complexion.
Prisme Libre - Delicate Beige - $69.30 - loose powder for a perfect second skin look.
Photo'Perfexion - Perfect Vanilla - $48.40 - to correct imperfections and even out the complexion.
Phenomen'Eyes Effet Extension - Extension Black or Extension Blue - $32 - for spectacularly lengthened lashes.

Help me out a little ladies, what NEEDS to be on my Givenchy shopping list from this collection?

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love that promo shot with the purple mascara! That wand is definitely a bit intimidating though.

  2. Hi, you have never seen the brand because it's a relatively new Italian brand. They have become very popular in these 2 years, but they are still trying to permeate the whole Italian market before they open their online store to the rest of the world. I suppose they will soon.
    Their site is - they have an English version too, and you'll see, they have a vast range, lovely ads but small prices (at least, for Italian standards).

    I'll review soon ;)

  3. Oh my! That all looks so have I not noticed Givenchy before??

  4. Before Sephora started carrying it, it was much harder to get your hands on Givenchy! You need to get yourself down to Sephora immediately and take a look!

    Best, Lisamarie


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