March 30, 2010

Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation Review

Christelle and I don't do a lot of reviews together because frankly there aren't a lot of beauty items that we can share.  Our skin types are totally different and our skin tones are on total opposite ends of the spectrum so you can imagine our surprise when we found a foundation that actually had a colour for both of us!  Make Up For Ever HD Invisible Cover Foundation - 30ml - $46 - comes in a handy pump bottle in 25 shades from pink to ebony and if you are buying a colour online without actually seeing it, they make it a little easier by telling you what colour undertone it is for.

Now if you aren't familiar with the whole High Definition concept - it was developed for use in high definition television as the actors are now seen in such fine detail with pictures that are six times sharper.  Fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections, shine, make up mistakes and incorrectly matched foundation become painfully obvious under the high definition lens - as I have always said, most people are really not meant to be seen in HD, so I don't know why they don't just save it for the nature shows!  To counter such magnifying, unforgiving technology, make up must provide full coverage yet appear sheer and natural, have a matte but not-too-matte finish and be true to colour.  This is what MUFE was after with their HD Invisible Cover Foundation range.

Here's the technical stuff:  It's an oil-free, lightweight liquid formula with an extremely smooth texture.  Enhanced with Silica Micro Beads that are biotechnologically engineered to act as minuscule light refractors, these beads refract both man-made and natural light to veil imperfections, creating a soft focus effect to skin.  Sericite Mica is also added to the formula to further reflect and refract light.  Coated Amino Acid Pigments blend with the complexion to create the truest colours in a wide range of skin tone shades.  To create a natural looking matte finish and to balance the light reflecting properties, Silicone Elastomer, a mattifying agent, is formulated into the product to neutralize shine, while nourishing moisturizers protect the skin from dryness.

And of course actors aren't the only ones who want to look flawless, it's the holy grail quest of foundation buyers everywhere so I was super excited to give it a try!

They recommend applying it with a soft, synthetic brush in small amounts using a downward motion to avoid lifting and accentuating tiny hairs on the face.  A dry sponge can also be used to blend, using a downward motion.  Take note of that "small amounts" bit, they aren't kidding!  I made the mistake of using a full pump on my brush the first time and there was foundation everywhere!  For my tiny little face it only took about half a pump for enough foundation to do a full coverage of my face.  Christelle and her giant melon head needed a full pump, but she likes a fuller coverage than I do.  I have to agree with MUFE's assessment of this foundation's abilities, it really does cover everything!  If you have stuff that you are trying to hide, this will be heaven for you.  Christelle was really happy with the coverage.  People with good skin might find it a bit much, as did I so I experimented a bit and found that a third of a pump and a slightly damp brush gave me a much more natural looking finish.  I know this isn't the intent of the foundation, it's meant to be a full coverage foundation and it sure is!  On bad skin days this stuff will be my savior!

You can find Make Up For Ever at Sephora, selected Bay stores and Shopper's Drug Mart beauty boutiques.

- Lisamarie -


  1. I have yet to try this but I heard its similar to Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk. I LOVE that foundation so I know Ill LOVe this too. Great post/review :)

  2. I haven't tried the Armani one and now I think I'll have to!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. I like Make Up Forever, but I also use ByLaurenLuke's full-face makeup palettes. They are reasonably priced and of good quality, which is usually a hard combination to find.

  4. MUFE is no longer carried by Shoppers Drug Mart. It's now exclusive to Sephora. The products are pricey but the quality is amazing. And if you're going to spend $$$ on any makeup, foundation gives you the biggest payoff, especially if you have less than perfect skin.


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