March 9, 2010

Elizabeth Grant - Eye Power Pads - power away puffiness!

In my quest for perfect, unwrinkled, unpuffy, undark circled eyes I have come across something very different than other products I have been trying.  Elizabeth Grant - Biocollasis Complex Advanced Cellular Age Defence Eye Power Pads - 6 pairs - $35.  They are very simple to use - just open the packet, take out the pads and apply them to your under eye area.  Leave them on for 15 minutes and remove.  Then just pat any remaining emulsion into the skin.

I put them to the ultimate test and used them the morning after a night of way too much alcohol and way to little sleep.  I looked puffy and scary so my expectations were low - it's an eye treatment not a freaking miracle - and yet it is!  I was so much less puffy afterwards it was really amazing.  I'm not a habitual late night partier so I haven't had to test them out under extreme conditions again but I am still liking them for normal life use. I have been using them weekly and after using my eye area feels smooth and moisturized and I look refreshed. You are best off using them when you aren't planning on putting on makeup and going out again as I find they do leave a little bit of film on the skin that you have to wash off before applying your foundation.  If you are looking for something new and different to sort out your eye issues, these are worth trying! 

You can find Elizabeth Grant on their website here or on The Shopping Channel, their website is here.

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