March 25, 2010

Chanel Précision Hydramax + Active - a great line for parched skin!

I was pretty surprised at my last facial to be told that my skin is dehydrated.  It's never been a problem for me before so of course I don't have any products to deal with it.  But as a true beauty junkie I just accepted it as a chance to check out lots of new things to try and get some moisture back into my skin and educate myself.

The first one I have been trying is Chanel Précision Hydramax + Active Sérum Active Moisture Boost - 30ml - $121.  I have used Chanel skin care products on and off for years.  When I used to work downtown the nice lady at the Eaton Centre counter would call me whenever they had facial events so of course I would go and buy lots of stuff.  At the Chanel counter I go to now, the skincare is over on the other side from the makeup so I never really look at it.  This serum was a nice way to reintroduce myself to their skincare line.  It's light, it smells fresh and it soaks right into your skin and I do love a serum!  This would probably be great for me on it's on during the hot months, but when it's cold or if your skin is dry you will need something more.  Which led me to:
Hydramax + Active Nutrition Créme Nourrissante Nourishing Cream for Dry Skin - 50ml - $82 - At first I was a little scared, this stuff is super thick and as a normally combo skinned girl, I'm just not used to rich creams!  I use just a tiny bit of this on my dry areas - forehead and cheeks, a little goes a really long way, and on my skin I would never had said it was that rich in the jar - I feel a moistness to my skin but not like there is something on my skin, if that makes any sense.  The only thing I'm not crazy about is the smell, it's a little too perfumey for my taste but that is one thing I have always found about Chanel - some of their products have that certain smell that you either love or you hate.

Also new in the line is Hydramax + Active Nutrition Lip Care - 10ml - $45 which is my new favourite lip balm.  You may remember me saying that it is great over this season's lip stains.  I like that there is absolutely no smell and it goes on matte (they say satin, but it looks matte to me), so it keeps your stain moist without interfering with the smell or shine the stain already has.

The above products are available at all Chanel beauty counters.

Any advise from seasoned dry and dehydrated skin sufferers gratefully welcomed!

- Lisamarie -


  1. In one of my many 'take-my-mind-off-college' shopping sprees, I found out my skin was 'dry' from an Estee Lauder SA. I picked up the products then, but once I got home I kind of laughed it off because my skin looked fine. I finally started using them a few months ago, and it really did make such a difference. I'll have to check these out. :)

  2. I would be surprised and amused if I got a facial and they ever told me my skin was dehydrated :| I'm like an oil slick (attractive visual, I know)

  3. Casey I agree, I thought the facialist was on crack when she told me that, I've been combo skinned for so long, but a couple of days later I had the misfortune to see my face in one of those super magnifying mirrors and I could see it, it was horrifying! I immediately started trying richer creams!

    Don't worry about the oil SS - oil is a much coveted natural resource - maybe someone will want to purchase oil rights to your face ;-)But seriously, remember, oily skin ages much slower!

    Best, Lisamarie


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