May 13, 2010

Annabelle infraRED - Summer 2010

Those evil, clever people at Annabelle have done it again and put out a collection that I want absolutely one (or two) of everything!  The prices being what they are - there is absolutely no reason why I can't buy it all - other then the fact that my husband would have a heart attack, he seems to feel I have enough makeup already, which is obviously crazy talk!  Look at the pretty pictures and drool while I dream up schemes to sneak it all into my house...
Powder Bronzer  - $13.49 - Sunspots -  Is this not the most adorable bronzer you have ever seen?!  I don't even like bronzers but I can't imagine living without this one!
Triple Split Shadow - $10.49 - Infrared - coral/lilac/purple or Hot Tropic - copper/gold/green - This picture does not do the colours justice, they are so vibrant in person!
Mineral Pigment Dust - $9.49 - Fire Starter or Marooned
Liptint - $9.49 - Coral Crush (shown) or Bare Beige - I love a tinted balm and these ones are super moisturizing.  I am loving this coral colour for the summer too!
Glitterama Liner - $8.99 - Disco Inferno - purple sparkle - Isn't it interesting how companies are pairing their summer lines with a purple eye accent?  Clarins did the same thing with their summer line but with a purple mascara - both very fun!

Already on counter at your local drug/mass retailer store!

- Lisamarie -


  1. I love your blog, especially that it covers products I might (and do) actually purchase. When I saw the entry on the Infrared line I looked for the lip tints and saw them once. Now I can no longer find them. Do you know if they are still to be distributed or are they finished?


  2. Hi Rebecca, Shoppers carries the seasonal collections for 4 weeks only and then they have to pull it. Check out WalMart, Pharma Plus or Rexall who don't have the same display regulations.

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. Thanks for responding. Now that I know my shopping window is so small I will definately buy when I see something.



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