May 11, 2010

Chanel Les Pop Ups - Summer 2010

There are few things I anticipate more in life then new Chanel collections - does this make me sad?  Yes, probably but I can live with that!  Join me in my drooling over the summer collection!

Rouge Allure - $38 - Limited Edition colours in Super, Darling or Génial - I love the funky pop case on these lipsticks, it's like magic!  And these colours are amazing, I am especially loving Génial - it it such a great summer colour!
Gloss Fluo - $33 - Limited Edition colours in Laser and Pop - don't be scared off by this super bright pink and orange - they are only that bright in the tube, on your lips they are very muted and super shiny!

Levres Scintillantes - $33 - Limited Edition - Bikini Peach - the usual wonderful texture in a new colour - this will be a great layering colour - I'm thinking it needs to meet Génial!
Soleil Tan de CHANEL - $56 - Limited Edition - Terre d'Or and Terre Halée - I hear people rave about Chanel bronzers so I've decided that my bronzer round-up is going to include one of them.  Stay tuned for that review.
Le Vernis - $26 - Limited Edition - Mistral, Nouvelle Vague and Riviera - How much do you love that blue?  I hear it calling my name!  Riviera looks like the perfect summer pedicure colour1

Available May 17th at all Chanel beauty counters but I spotted the display out already today at my local Bay store so they obviously thought they were too pretty to keep under wraps!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. That blue nail polish looks absolutely delish! I WANT IT! haha. They all look beautiful, and I would definitely agree about Riviera. Beautiful pedicure color!!!


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