May 8, 2010

Umberto's Juliana Landis shares her secrets to great looking lashes!

Before stepping out on the red carpet last month, Vampire Diaries cast member Kayla Ewell visited makeup artist and lash expert Juliana Landis at her Beverly Hills Salon, Umberto.  Kayla indulged in Hollywood’s hottest beauty secret, eye lash extensions!  Eyelash extensions are so popular with celebrities because they accentuate the eyes dramatically in a very natural way. Celebrities are constantly followed by the cameras so they want to look their absolute best and something so simple as lash extensions help them look camera ready at all times. People can swim, workout or even skydive and they will still have their luscious Lavish Lashes intact.

Eyelash extensions are such a hit on the red carpet as they are customized to suit the individual to achieve the look they want. They stay put without the feeling that the lashes may end up hanging off or running down their faces by the end of the night which sometimes happens with strip lashes. Many celebrities like the natural look for extensions that is easy achieved by applying a single layer of lashes and some like the look of a strip lash that can be achieved by layering the lash extensions for a more dramatic look. 

Once applied, eyelash extensions need minimal care, however to keep them looking great and to extend the life of your lash extensions avoid the use of oil based products near or around the eye area and do not use waterproof mascara as these will loosen the adhesive bond of your lash extensions. Remove makeup with an oil free makeup remover and use lint free cotton pads.

As not all of us are lucky enough to have access to an eyelash extension expert and nowadays there are so many great products on the market to achieve Kayla Ewell's look at home and Kayla was kind enough to share her tips with us:

One of the most important things with or without eyelash extensions is the health of the natural lash. It’s important to follow a nutritious diet as the first thing you notice when eating poorly is the health of your hair and your eyelashes are no exception!  Try to keep the use of waterproof mascara to a minimum as it’s more difficult to remove and the continuous rubbing to remove it can cause harm to the lashes. If you must use waterproof mascara, I suggest using, Lancome's Hypose Custom Volume.  It’s a great mascara that gives you super length and volume just like eyelash extensions and to remove use an oil based eye makeup remover such as Lancomes Bi-Facil as this will make removal much easier and put less stress on your lashes.  I personally like to use Loreal's Voluminous mascara as this really adds volume and length and doesn't flake or run.

To get luscious long lashes first use an eyelash curler on clean lashes, I like to use one from Shu Uemura. Then apply one coat of mascara and curl lashes again and finally one more coat of mascara, this will give you the look of sexy, full eyelashes. 
If you want a more dramatic look you may want to try false lashes. These come in strips, individual flares and individual strands. Ardell has a huge range of lashes that are great value and are available at most drugstores. If you want to spend a little more you can go for the Shu Uemura lashes that are amazing and only available at select retailers. To apply false lashes use a tweezer and start from the corners of the eyes, it could be either corner depending on what is more comfortable for you. The best glue I find is Duo, this seems to have the best staying power.

There are pro's and cons to eyelash extensions and false lashes:

False Lashes
last normally up to a week with special care 
are easy to find
add high glamour for a great price

need lots of practice to apply
uncomfortable to remove
sometimes only last for one evening 

Eyelash Extensions
Last up to 3 months with regular touch ups
very natural and comfortable to wearer
no need for mascara
great for contact lens wearers

Can be costly to maintain
Time consuming as regular touch ups take 30 mins or more
Long term commitment  

- Lisamarie -

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  1. To be honest, she could have no eyelashes at all and still look amazing, as long as she still had those gorgeous lips <3


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