May 7, 2010

Urban Decay has a Summer of Love planned for 2010!

It's tough being Canadian, you always have to wait extra long for everything!  Urban Decay's Summer of Love collection has finally made it's way here so let's have a look-see shall we?

Summer of Love Palette - $35 - An exotic sun-kissed mix of neutral favourites including Chopper, Maui Wowie and Smog and for a little colour, Flash. As well it includes a travel sized Sin Eyeshadow Primer Potion and 24/7 Eyeliner in Bourbon.

Summer of Love Nail Set - this doesn't seem to be at Sephora so my Canadian friends shouldn't fall too much in love with it unless you are planning a shopping trip to the States soon, in which case you will find it at Macy's.  It is available on the and Urban Decay websites, but of course they don't ship to Canada... bastards!

What do I like better than a fireman?  Why a half naked fireman of course!  Pocket Rocket - $25 - has 2 new shades and 2 new men to go with them - Colin the fireman with a lovely orange-red shade and Max the surfer boy with a pinky-nude gloss!  These boys are actually the winners of the Pocket Rocket Manhunt - next time UD needs to judge one of those - I volunteer!  For those uninitiated into the Pocket Rocket world, you tilt the gloss and your boy strips!  No dollar bills required!
I love me a tinted moisturizer - stay tuned for a "my favourites" roundup soon!  Urban Defense Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 - 30ml - $35.20 - comes in 4 shades, 1 of which looks like it might be light enough for me!  I like the pump container so it seems like I might have to give this one a try!

De-Slick in a tube Mattifying Gel - $34 - nothing says summer like the "greasies"!  Apply after your moisturizer, wait 30 seconds and then apply your foundation and it's supposed to provide unbelievable oil control.  Can also be used on top of makeup for midday touch ups.
Guardian Angel Spray Moisturizer SPF 8 - I like the idea of a spray moisturizer for the summer, but it doesn't matter, here's another item that Urban Decay does not want me or any other Canadian to have - I think they enjoy teasing me... if you do get this just remember that an SPF of 8 is useless and wear additional sunscreen!
Makeup Setting Sprays - All Nighter is the only one Canadians can get which is too bad, I really like the name "Dew Me" - 120ml - $35 - I am a big fan of a setting spray and considering that they partnered with Skindinavia to come up with these - I know they must be good as Skindinavia is already my setting spray of choice!

Urban Decay is available in Canada at Sephora, and the Whitby's Shopper's Drug Mart!

- Lisamarie -

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  1. omg its more tough being indonesian LOL.
    never hv urban decay here! :(
    its such cutee collection :)


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