May 27, 2010

Nature meets science in the Dior Hydra Life line!

I am so behind with my moisturizer reviews - I still owe you posts from the winter when my skin was dry!  We are almost too late to bother but I didn't want you to miss out on Dior's Hydra Life line which launched in April.  I was still at the tail end of my dry skin dilemma so I gave the Hydra Life Pro-Youth Comfort Créme a try as comfort was exactly what my skin was craving at the time!  I was extremely pleased with the results, it moisturized without being greasy and a little really went a long way - I say this because with dry skin it is easy to get carried away and think the more you put on, the better it will be for your skin - I find that when you put on too much it stops soaking in and just sits on top of your skin, making it look and feel gross.  The smell is light and very subtly floral, but not in any way that smells "grandma" to me.  The best part for me is the heavy jar the creme comes in.  It has some real heft to it, if someone should ever break into my house while I am moisturizing, he had better watch out!

The whole line contains a host of rare plant substances that, once applied, boost cell life.  Dior actually has gardens all over the world that the ingredients for Hydra Life come from including:  Jisten (extraordinary moisturizing power) from the Garden of Surkhan-Darya in Uzbekistan, Black Rose (extraordinary anti-oxidant power) from the Garden of Brittany in France, Centella (stimulate collagen synthesis) form the Garden of Marovoay in Madagascar, Mallow (for cell renewal) from the Garden of Anjou in France, Longoza (anti-aging properties) from the Garden of Ramafan in Madagascar, Kniphofia from the Garden of La Drome in france and the Vine (anti-oxidant and stimulating properties) from the Garden of Yquem in France.

Here's what is available  in the Hydra Life line:

Beauty Awakening Mask - $39
Pro-Youth Sorbet Créme - $65
Pro-Youth Comfort Créme - $65
Pro-Youth Hydrating Serum - $86
Pro-Youth Protective Créme SPF15 - $65
Pro-Youth Protective Fluid SPF 15 - $65
Pro-Youth Eye Créme - $60
Pro Youth Skin Tint 1 - $41
Pro Youth Skin Tint 2 - $41
Pro Youth Skin Tint 3 - $41

I have loved the comfort creme and  I will be checking out the Protective Fluid for the summer now that my skin is back to being its weird combo self again!

- Lisamarie -

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