May 5, 2010

Make Up For Ever gets FAT - Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2010

Make Up For Ever was a sponsor of  FAT (Fashion Art Toronto) - Toronto Alternative Arts & Fashion Week 2010 in April this year as well, they designed and executed the looks for each night's themed shows. This year's theme was "Made With Love" so each day focused on one of the emotions associated with love. They were good enough to share the look breakdowns with me so all of my reader's could get FAT at home - so put down your Rocky Road and let's get FAT with Make Up For Ever!

Night 1:  LONGING

  1. To get shimmering, intense green eyes, apply MUFE Eye Shadows #91 and #171 to the lids, blending into the crease.  Dust MUFE Star Powder #910 on top of the shadow to illuminate the eyes.
  2. Apply MUFE Powder Blush #67 in a circular motion to the apples of the cheeks for a rosy glow.
  3. Next, apply MUFE Flash Color #5 with your finger or a lip brush to get a bright berry stained lip.
  4. Using a thin eyeliner brush, draw a single teardrop on the right cheek using MUFE Aqua Cream #4 in White.  Then, using MUFE Strass, glue one individual clear crystal at the bottom of the teardrop to make it resemble an actual tear.

Night 2:  LUST

  1. To get this sultry look, the key is to create an alluring cat shaped eye.  First, apply MUFE Eye Shadow in a nude shade like #3 to the lid.
  2. Next, use MUFE Aqua Black to line the top lash line, creating a thicker line as you move toward the outer corners and extending the liner beyond the eye to the edge of the eyebrow.
  3. Add a soft glow to the cheeks using MUFE Powder Blush #111.
  4. Create an intense red mouth using MUFE Flash Color #17.
  5. Finish the look off with strong brows stenciled in with MUFE Glitter #7 in red for added drama and shimmer.  Us a drop of MUFE Eye Seal to help glitter adhere to the brows.

Night 3:  RAGE

  1. To achieve dark, smoky eyes with glittery lids, the first step is to apply MUFE Diamond Shadow #307, and top with MUFE Glitter #2.
  2. Define the brows using MUFE Eye Shadow #139 for added depth.
  3. Create a chiseled cheek by sweeping MUFE Powder Blush #67 along the cheek bones.
  4. Apply MUFE Super Lip Gloss #23 for the perfect glossy red lips.

Night 4:  JOY

  1. Dust MUFE Star Powder #941 on the lids for a light, shimmery look.
  2. Apply MUFE Powder Blush #25 to the apples of the cheeks to achieve an extra rosy glow.
  3. Next, loosely dust the area under the eyes with MUFE Glitter #4, then top with MUFE Diamond Powder #3.
  4. Get shimmering orange sherbet coloured lips by applying MUFE Flash Color #5.  Finish by dusting the lips with MUFE Star Powder #943.
- Lisamarie -

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