May 7, 2010

Rodial - how can you not love a line with a Boob Job in a tube?!

As a beauty junkie, one of my greatest joys in life is discovering a beauty brand that I have never heard of before - they aren't always unknowns, just unknown to me - there are so many great brands out there from all over the world, who can possibly keep up?!  On a trip to Murale a couple of months ago I found Rodial - a UK line with the greatest names!  My faves:  Bum Lift, Boob Job and Glamoxy Snake Serum!  Of course I had to try this line and I love when lines have a sampler set of products to give you a chance to try some products out without the commitment of buying a pricey full sized product!

LA Facelift - $99 - a starter kit that includes five mini sized products developed to rid you of wrikles and eradicate age spots for instant age reversal with formulas that contain potent natural ingredients to lift, smooth and firm.  The set contains:

a-list cleanser - 20ml - a balmy cleanser that leaves skin peachy soft with a bright glow

glamtox peel - 10ml - a decongesting, exfoliating and lifting mask that smoothes away wrinkles and erases age spots

SPF 15 glamtox eye light - 5ml - a light-reflecting creme that targets wrinkles and offers instant radiance

SPF 18 glamtox - 10ml - a cult favourite cream that plumps up the skin and reduces wrinkles thanks to its muscle-freezing properties

glam balm - 8ml - a luxurious balm that smoothes out skin and plumps lips for a perfect pout

A little bit of the science:  all of Rodial's products contain Pomegranate ellagic tannin which protects cells from free radicals.  It has two to three times the anti-oxidant capacity of red wine or green tea and does wonderful things like mop up free radicals, even skin tone, help with collagen production, act as a natural SPF, help reverse the damage of sun exposure and boost restoration and repair of the skin.

Sounds great since red wine gives me a headache!

Out of this kit my favourite products where the a-list cleanser - I loved the balm texture, the scent - which I can't quite put a finger on what it is but found it very pleasant and it did a great job of getting rid of my makeup - it was also great with my Clarisonic since it's not runny at all so it's very easy to have it stay on the brush; the glam balm which comes in a little pot so it was handy to throw in my purse and use to moisturize lips, cuticles or anything else that was feeling dry at any given time and the SPF 15 glamtox eye light - I like the SPF, I like how light it is and I like the light reflecting deal which made me look awake even when I wasn't!

The glamtox peel was a nice smelling mask and my skin did feel soft after using but I think I would need a full size of it to get all of the benefits. The SPF 18 glamtox was a nice enough moisturizer but I didn't get any muscle-freezing out of it which is probably just as well!

Overall, I'm impressed and will be keeping an eye on this line - I'm waiting for liposuction in a tube - hopefully they are working on that!

Rodial is available in Canada at Murale or everyone can buy online here.

- Lisamarie -

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