May 14, 2010

Givenchy takes you to the Island for Summer 2010!

Givenchy is quickly becoming my favourite line for their exquisite packaging and beautiful colours!  I have mentioned that I don't normally love summer collections but I love everything in this one, even my least favourite beauty product - the bronzer!

Fleur de Frangipanier - $53 - Limited Edition - 3-Island Tan or 2-Island Pink - keep an eye out for my bronzer roundup coming soon - I will be including this one in it!

Le Prisme Yeux Mono - $35 - Limited Edition - 17-Island Lagoon or 18-Island Sand - I already loved Givenchy eyeshadows, they are so soft and easy to blend - but throw in this funky mosaic thing, and I am enthralled!  You can use the colours separately but I prefer to swirl them all together for a different look every time!

Phenomen'Eyes Waterproof - $32 - 1-Water Black, 2-Water Brown or 3-Water Turquoise - the black and brown are regular colours but the turquoise is limited edition so don't wait around on that one.  I know lots of people already love this mascara so will be thrilled to know that it now also comes in waterproof! 

Now if you've ever looked at the brush on this mascara and been confused about how to apply, there are several different techniques you can use that are suggested by Givenchy:

1.  Holding the brush horizontally, draw the lases from the outer corner of the eye outward.
2.  Wand upright and brush downward, gently draw the upper lashes upward.
3.  Brush upright, catch hold of the upper lashes at the root and push them upward.
4.  Without overloading the brush with mascara, gently brush the lower lashes.  you can also use the same movement on the upper lashes.

But as they say, any method is permitted - especially your own!

Pop Gloss Crystal - $27 - Limited Edition - 474-Island Cocoa, 472-Island Guava or 473-Island Papaya - I can't wait to see these in person, Papaya looks like a great summer colour1

Printed Lips Tinted Look Lip Stainer - $27 - Limited Edition -  1-Pink Impression or 2-Rose Impression - I am still loving lip stains so I am thinking the darker one of these needs to make it to my shopping basket!

Vernis Please!  Nail Lacquer - $18 - Limited Edition - 170-Island Palm or 169-Island Lagoon - these are screaming tropical pedicure to me!

Available exclusively at Sephora May 15th.  I'll be there, what's on your wish list from this collection?

- Lisamarie -


  1. The packaging is always so pretty. I've been meaning to try out the funky looking mascara wand. Maybe I'll pick it up one day.

  2. It is daunting looking, isn't it! I'm with you on the packaging! Gorgeous!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. The entire Givenchy summer line is 50% at Sephora right now!!!!



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