May 30, 2010

L'Oréal brings you Colorist Secrets you can use at home!

Salon-inspired hair treatments including a Haircolour Remover, Brass Banisher and Shine Gloss

Haircolor Remover - $13.99 - we all screw up our colour from time to time and now there's an easy way to fix it - one simple step will remove permanent colour - even salon colour within 20 minutes!  You can also immediately re-colour immediately afterwards so no walking around with weird stripped hair.  The kit includes:  developer, haircolour remover powder, instruction sheet and professional gloves - mix the two products together and off you go!

I actually had a friend try this the other day after she screwed up her hair colour so I would have something actually useful to say in this post.  Do NOT leave it on longer then the maximum 20 minutes - we left in on my friend for 10 minutes and that was plenty - so once you have it on, check often to see how fast it's working on you.  Also, keep in mind that you are going to have to reapply colour afterwards - this will not strip out the new haircolour and take your hair back to its original colour - it will look funky and splotchy so unless that's the look you are after, you will have to put some sort of new colour in.

Brass Banisher - $11.99 - an ammonia-free treatment that is specially formulated to work on natural, highlighted and colour-treated hair to reduce any gold, red or orange tones.  It can even be applied after colouring or highlighting your hair to balance your new colour.  Takes just five minutes and infuses hair with luminous shine making hair look more natural and glossy.  The kit includes:  developer créme, anti-brass gloss, hi-moisture deep conditioner, instruction sheet and professional gloves.

Shine Glaze - $11.99 - designed for natural, colour-treated or highlighted hair, it features an ammonia-free formula that is gentle on hair and infuses it with brilliant, glossy shine making hair look and feel healthier from the minute you use it.  Takes just 10 minutes - apply, rinse, instant shiny hair!  Results last for up to 6 weeks.  Kit contains:  developer créme, clear shine gloss, hi-moisture deep conditioner, instruction sheet and professional gloves.

- Lisamarie -

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