May 14, 2010

Roland Mouret's Fall Collection Preview at The Bay: Models. Beautiful Dresses...and Us!

"Is The Room open yet? Is it open? Is it open? Lisamarie... is it open?". As you may have guessed, I was particularly excited to preview Roland Mouret's fall 2010 collection held at The Bay on Queen Street inside The Room. Lisamarie had a good time mocking me, calling me an "adoring fan"....and checking out RM designs. You see, the reason I was so excited is that he is one of my favorite designers. For those who don't know him, the likes of Victoria Beckham, Beyonce or Maggie Gyllenhaal regularly wear his designs and he was a guest judge on Project Runway this season. Mouret's work can be quite subtle, so I actually think it looks better up close where you can appreciate the construction work and the amazing design details.

Finally The Room opened and 3 models - possibly the tallest and skinniest women I have ever seen!- introduced a few fall dresses wearing impossibly high Louboutin stilettos. When I actually managed to get Roland Mouret's attention for a few minutes, do you think I came up with intelligent questions? Of course not! I should have drunk more. Instead, I called him out on the size of his models:
C - I love your designs, but you have to be really skinny to wear them (and I glanced at the glamazon next to me in a fitted fuschia dress)
RM - Not really, our new collection starts from size 6 and goes up to size 20 and more. I love the challenges of working with different sizes. I design for all women.
C - Ah...I take that back then (still trying to envision larger frames wearing the glamazon's dress who is now walking passed me...and trying to think about something clever to say).
C- So, hum...first time in Toronto ? (Darn, that's all you could come up with?) I was surprised you'd even come here (translation: Toronto is cold and not that fun, what's wrong with you?)
RM - I thought it was important  to go out there and meet the women who wear my designs, see how they live...
C- Makes sense (Good luck with that: I'm now looking at a guest wearing a weird army jacket at a cocktail party)...

I have to tell you: Roland Mouret is a complete sweetheart and I don't care if Lisamarie teases me for the next 50 years, I had to take a picture with him! A few minutes later, Lisamarie and I decided to move away from the models and... closer to the hors d'oeuvres!

- Christelle-

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