May 18, 2010

Wella dares you to unleash your inner blonde!

Did you know that colouring your hair can significantly elevate your mood level and social life?  And seeing as blondes in particular have been found to be more confident and amorous it adds real credence to the saying "blondes have more fun!" Studies have shown that this increased confidence level affects both social and work life.

Summer is a great time to lighten up if you have been thinking about doing the blonde thing, but learn from my mistakes - as a very unintentionally orange toned blonde in the 80s, unless you are already blonde, it's a really hard colour to achieve on your own so go see a colourist!  And if it's a Wella colourist you are seeing, they have a couple of product lines specifically to deal with blondes:

Blondor:  includes a collection of products that goes beyond an ordinary lightener and provides a full range of specialist products in an unsurpassed spectrum of blonde shades to transform any kind of hair into a striking blonde. The new and improved range is based on two technology solutions. At the center of each Blondor product is a specialized mix of persulphate lightening ingredients versus a single lightening ingredient. Mixing these and other ingredients optimizes and balances the lightening performance for speed and level of lift, the protection of the hair structure and the usage process. Each product also contains tailored ingredients to deliver a specific benefit called ‘PLUS’ in relation to lightening performance, protection of the hair structure, and/or usage process.

Or their new product - Koleston Perfect Special Blondes - featuring Triluxiv Plus Technology:  to address the need for gentleness and shine, Wella Professionals introduces the EW Koleston Perfect Special Blondes  range, a permanent crème color with an expansive palette for high-lift blonde, while also providing gentle conditioning for incredible smoothness. The new range contains Triluxiv Plus technology which delivers high-lift for clear blonde results and gives unmatched smoothness after rinsing. The Triluxiv Plus formula contains 38% of caring and color-directing lipids similar to hair’s natural protective layer. The lipids envelop the hair shaft helping to gently direct and boost diffusion of the dyes and active ingredients into the hair core, while also sealing the cuticle surface to provide a caring, protective layer for maximum softness. 

You can go to to find a Wella salon near you.

And if you needed another reason to think about blondeness, remember it's a colour that rarely occurs in nature and is thought of as youthful - the right shade of blonde can take years off you!

What do you think - California blonde for summer?  I've done the blonde-blonde thing but I am seriously considering strawberry blonde...

- Lisamarie -

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