May 12, 2010

OCC Lip Tar Makes Hoochies Look Good!

When OCC describes their Lip Tar ($12.50) as a gloss that goes a long, long way: they are not joking! The tube is very small (8ml) but a tiny amount is enough to add color and intensity to your lips as this product was conceived for hi-definition video and digital photography.Since you need so little of this tar, you need to mix it with a classic lipstick or your usual gloss. Again, the color is so incredibly intense, you would not be able to use much without looking weird.

I tested the "Hoochie" shade, a bright Magenta, but I had to mix it with a clear gloss (OCC has a also a clear gloss for that purpose). The use of a lip brush is a must with this type of product so it's not something I would apply in a hurry. This tar's finish is satin -and not glossy- but it's still a nice texture.

This is a great product to add some Oomph to a lipstick shade, it's paraben free, well priced, and the colors range from yellow to pink shades like Lisamarie's heart!



  1. I have the Demure liptar, and it's seriously the hottest fuchsia colour EVER.

    EVER. :D

  2. You'll probably use the same tube until 2050! It is a nice color, though.


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