May 29, 2010

Sex and the City 2: So Over The Top, I'm Over it!

 I went to a Sex and the City screening last night and the theater was -as expected- full of women who had decided  to emulate their favorite characters, wearing mostly high heels, glitter and short dresses (I wore flats and jeans, it's a movie theater, people, not a nightclub). Some of them even posed on the blue carpet Dove had set up. You could feel the excitement in the air and a theater full of excited women is... noisy! The trailers for a few upcoming romcoms made me ashamed of my gender.

As for the movie itself? I knew the ENTIRE plot just by watching the trailer. It's not a bad movie, it was quite entertaining, although 30 minutes too long for my taste; but really, Samantha is the only interesting character in the movie. This sequel reeks of desperation: the writers crammed every joke, quip, pun they could come up with in this 2 hour+ movie. The girls' outfits are fabulous, it's definitely Patricia Field's best work by far. But that's just the problem here: everything is so perfect and over the top. Perfect houses, perfect husbands, perfect wardrobes, male servants, hot athletes lounging by the hotel may be soft porn for women but it doesn't make for a particularly interesting movie.

I sincerely hope this is the last installment.  Really. It's time to retire, Carrie.



  1. I agree.....I think the show was way better than the movies!

  2. The fashion in this one I thought was way over the top and plain strange. The first one was more fabulous with the clothes in my opinion.

  3. I was such a huge fan of the series, but I havent seen either movie =S

  4. The fashion was over the top but I loved it, but never in the show did you see anything so extravagant! SJP was so desperate to make this sequel a success, she made the classic Hollywood mistake: she made everything bigger and extravagant and forgot about the storyline.


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