May 1, 2010

New Christina Aguilera Video: The Diva Goes Gaga

Christina Aguilera's new music video "I'm not myself tonight" has a sweet smell of desperation. It looks like someone has been paying attention to Lady Gaga but what's worse: this video looks strangely like some old Madonna's videos like "Human Nature" and "Express Yourself" and Naomi Campbell has already set a wardrobe on fire in George Michael's "Freedom" (I hope she's trying to pay homage...). So yeah, just take a mediocre song and recycle some old ideas, that should work...or not. While the aesthetic of this video is great, I can't help noticing she went back to her "Dirrty" era after declaring she was over it. I don't mind sexy videos but frankly we're one step away from a -bad- porno movie and no amount of surgically enhanced boobies will make me buy crappy music. Sorry Christina. I still love you though.

Oh...and pay attention to the shameless plug for her fragrances around 2:15.



  1. she looks amazing, but i agree. she's trying WAY too hard. the song's not half bad, it's just... i maintain the opinion that she should just sit on a stool and sing. the more she does this, the faster she gets (more) irrelevant.


  2. She looks great but she has enough talent to do her own thing. The song is average but it's better than her Candy Man stuff, I think.


  3. I still love her, but this seems like a huge 'i'm back' publicity thing. She could have gotten great publicity without this, she's got real talent.. which is something not a lot of singers have now.

    (I laughed when the perfume came on, it was one of those WTF moments, like what was it doing there?)

    - Casey

  4. Too bad she sold out !! I think she has endangered her soul .I'll pray for you Christina...I didn't think you would be threaten by a creature like Lady Gaga..With all your talent this is the best you can come up with ...shame on you.. You took a beautiful gift and sold out .What age
    demograth were you going for .??My 14 yr.old isn't going to have this garbage in her mp3 or ipod..


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