May 7, 2010

Great concealers from your drug store! Covergirl & Olay, Quo, Revlon & Maybelline

I've had people asking me why I never write about drug store brands - which isn't exactly true, as you all know I haunt the Shoppers Drug Mart beauty department - but it is true that I haven't put a whole bunch of them together in one post and I don't want anyone thinking that I don't love the drug store cosmetic aisle!  I especially love drug store concealers - they've come a long way since the days when they were paste like substances that only came in 2 colours that flattered no one!  I mostly use a concealer for under eye circles - which in my case are quite light - I haven't found a holy grail concealer to hide blemishes yet since Revlon discontinued mine, so if anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear them!

CoverGirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer and Corrector  - $15.99 - I especially love that they have included a yellow coloured corrector in this line!  The concealer is available in 4 colours.  I was curious to know how CoverGirl recommended that these products be used and this is what their application instructions are:  Use a small, flat brush to apply Simply Ageless Corrector to small areas to provide precise coverage to smaller imperfections. For larger areas such as under the eye, use your fingertips.
Apply Simply Ageless Concealer all around the eye area including the eye lid and be sure to blend well. Gently drive the product in by patting it into the skin.  Pat concealer using staccato taps of your finger until it dissolves and blends. Also, when applying product around the eyes, apply with your ring finger since it applies the least amount of pressure.

I really like both of these products, they are light, blend well and the corrector is great for your "non" makeup days - I use a little bit on my eyelids as well to hide the redness and you get the no-makeup look with a minimum of makeup!  And because of the Olay swirl, they are very moisturizing, I didn't find any caking at all, even as the day wore on.

Quo Illuminating Concealer - $11- or Minerals Matter Double Concealer - $16 - both are available in 3 colours.  If you are looking for something for moderate dark circles, then the Illuminating Concealer is your best bet.  It's a light formula with a little bit of shine to it to detract the light away.  If your dark circles are more serious, then go with the Minerals Matter Double Concealer - I find the cream is thicker and if you need something heavy duty, there is the stick side!  Also works as a blemish concealer!

Revlon ColorStay Under Eye Concealer SPF 15 - $13.99 - comes in 6 colours and is oil free.  I don't love the applicator, I find it too big to apply precisely so I find it easier to use my finger to apply.  The concealer is great though, very light and I like that it has an SPF - of course this means it expires so I never make it though a whole tube - but for normal people who use the same concealer every day, you will be fine.

Maybelline Dream Mousse Concealer - $9.49 - available in 5 colours - I had to be careful not to apply too much at a time.  The formula is fairly thick so it does a great job covering but a little goes a long way!

My best concealer tip - foundation first, concealer second!  I know some people (even makeup artists) recommend doing it the other way around but that doesn't make any sense to me - if you put your concealer on first, you will wipe most of it away when you put on your foundation!


  1. I love the covergirl with Olay rocks and you can't beat the price!!!!

  2. Good to know, I was eying the foundation while I was there, I'll have to give it a try!

    Best, Lisamarie

  3. my mom gave me her covergirl w/ olay foundation. unfortunately it's too light for me but the coverage and finish is amazing! i just purchased the corrector as well, i can't wait to try it :)


  4. I never knew the Covergirl/Olay line had a concealer! I must go investigate when mine runs out.

  5. I use maxfactor's concealer.. it comes in a tube and you have to turn the bottom of the applicator for the concealer to come out. i find it really good especially for under eye dark circles!


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