May 4, 2010

Picture of the Day: Katy Perry+Tacky Lights+Toilet Paper= a Dress!

Katy Perry's horrible dress number 201354567874545. She wants you to know she's so cool she can wear anything. Even at the MET. Even a dress with LED. The problem is not the LED, the problem is that it looks like toilet paper assembled with crazy glue and tacky lights. Yes, she truly puts the ass in class.



  1. and the switch to turn the dress on off is found none other than... between her breasts. classy, indeed! :p


  2. The fact that it's LED is the coolest thing ever, but it looks like she has ruffly tumours :|

  3. LOL! Her constant need to be "unique" bugs me... and the fact that she's been shagging that dirty annoying British guy makes me find her not attractive at all. At least Zooey Deschanel's married to a non-douchey guy (Ben Gibbard of The Postal Service & Death Cab for Cutie fame).


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