November 4, 2009

Sparse brows and skimpy lashes - The RapidLash Verdict

When we last saw our heroine here in September she was battling the evil overlord Overplucked Eyebrows and its sidekick Baby Lashes.  After a ferocious battle where many innocent lives were lost, she is happy to report that she whooped their butts!  Okay, I'll stop talking about myself in the third person now, it's kinda creepy.

So you will remember that I suffered from overplucked brows and kind of blah eyelashes - and that's suffered in the past tense!  I am thrilled to report that RapidLash  really did work!  The most dramatic change is my lashes which are now super long, they actually touch my skin when my eyes are open.  The brows are a little slower going but there are hairs growing where they hadn't been for years so I am hoping a little more time will bring them right back to where I want them.  So was this worth the money?  Will I repurchase?  Do I recommend it to someone else with the same problem?  Yes, to all three!

I have read with these products that you have to keep using it or your lashes go back to normal, I don't know if this also applies to the brows, but at the price RapidLash is I don't see any reason to stop using it, it's not breaking the bank.

- Lisamarie -

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