November 27, 2009

How to Get Mugged? Karl Lagerfeld Knows Best.

You may have noticed this Karl Lagerfeld Couture helmet for Fall 09 during the Paris Fashion Week in March: so rejoice! This gem-incrusted, Tweed-padded protection goes for sale today and can now be yours for only $6800.

If Karl Lagerfeld's goal was to keep you safe, well I'm afraid he has failed here (and I say this respectfully, god, I'm kinda scared of him). This helmet might protect you from a little traffic accident, but not from a nasty mugger. Wear it, and you'll be broadcasting to the world that you have more money than sense. Karl should know that, he lives in Paris for god's sake. A city, where people get out of their car and get into fist fights because you were driving too slow (a true story) or even because you look at them in a funny way (again, a true story).  Jealous fashionistas and nasty pigeons (they often behave the same way) will pick on you, attracted by the sparkly gems. Nobody will leave you alone.  No, really this helmet will not keep you safe. You might as well save yourself the trouble...and $6800!

Karl Lagerfeld featured here in a road safety campaign in France: "It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't go with anything, but it can save your life." French drivers are now obligated by law to carry this yellow safety jacket and Stop sign in their car at all times. Looks like Uncle Karl is really concerned about your safety!


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