November 13, 2009

Coming Your Way: Zara 2009/2010 Winter Collection

As always, Zara pulls it off. Cute parkas and coats. Interesting dresses and design details and all that at reasonable prices. Here is a peek at the 2009-2010 Womenswear Zara lookbook.

This parka has a nice belt detail.

Posh has worn similar designs and Zara recreates the shoulder pads for High Street, quite successfully.

Chic and simple.
A perfect outfit for the office.
I'm not too sure about the color of this coat, but the style is inspired by this season's military trend.

And speaking of coats, I will tell you in my next post all about getting a quality winter jacket for a reasonable price. Stay tuned.



  1. I always pass this store in my local mall, but haven't gone in yet. Is it just for petite tiny women? That's all i ever see venture in there, quite intimidating. haha.

  2. It's a Spanish brand so their sizes are small. That being said you should be able to find garments up to size 12. The quality is overall better than H & M but their prices are very reasonable. I've bought tons of stuff at Zara. I recommend you go and have a look...

  3. I love Zara and I was lucky enough to shop in a Zara while in Barcelona. I'm no where near being petite and I always find things I can fit in (I'm a 12 or a 10 on a good day) - trust me go in and experience it! I both Zara and Mango - Zara is the more comparable priced retailer. I agree about the quality being better than H&M.


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