November 17, 2009

A story about how Urban Decay and the furnace guy destroyed my self esteem and ruined my life

Okay fine, maybe I'm being a tad melodramatic but as anyone who knows me can tell you I am extremely sensitive and insecure... ;-)

So I'm in a dimly lit basement with the furnace guy the other day (this story is so not going where you think it is).  He is trying to fix my tenant's furnace and I am guarding their empty paint cans and fabric softener or whatever it is a good landlord is supposed to do.  Suddenly, he turns to me and runs his flashlight over my face and asks "So, you have kids?"  I'm not sure where he is going with this and reply "Nope."  And he says, "Oh, you have glitter on your face and I figured you were too old for that so I thought it must be your kids".  WTF???!!!  After gently pointing out to him the error of calling his customer "old" before she had paid him and sending him on his way (fortunately the furnace was fixed by then) I was forced to contemplate the possible validity of his statement...was it possible that I was actually TOO OLD to glitter?!?

And just to fully clarify so you don't think I had big chunks of body glitter rubbed all over my face - I had put Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy eyeshadow on that morning which is a lovely beigey colour.  And as we know with most UD shadows, they are loaded with glitter which even the primer potion can't prevent from eventually ending up on your face.  I had never seen this as a problem - until now...

This of course got me thinking about how much I love the particular Face Case that this shadow was from and how much I love all my Face Cases and how sad I was when they stopped making them.  And then of course I realized that some of you never had the joy of the Face Case, so I had to drag them all out and take pictures!

I'm sorry Urban Decay - I like your shadow boxes and all, they are very cool, but nothing can take the place of the Face Case in my heart!  If you heart them too, you might be lucky enough to be able to pick one up on e-bay - or maybe one of your really "old" friends will fork over one of theirs to you...

- Lisamarie -


  1. LMAO! Ha! There is no such thing as TOO OLD for glitter. Stupid guy. Awesome Face Cases. I totally remember those! Never got one b/c I personally dislike cream & powder products together but I remember how neat they were.

  2. I agree, glitter is awesome. You're never too old for glitter, high heels or pink lipstick.

  3. Thanks for the support ladies, I am putting back the Metamucil to go forth and glitter some more! And I'm fixing my own furnace from now on...

    Best, Lisamarie


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