November 11, 2009

Pretty boys who smell good - it must be love!

Honestly, I want to tell you something about this Hugo Man fragrance, I have stuff to tell you about top notes and base notes and other fragrance related stuff, but Jonathan Rhys Meyers keeps staring at me with that sexy, come hither look and I keep forgetting what I am going to say.... green apples, something, something, grapefruit... oh forget it just go here and they will tell you, I'm busy....>drools<
Here's my next husband, Justin Timberlake.  As you can see he is waiting for me on our private plane. You can tell he is thinking about me because he's got that hot, dreamy look on his face...well sheesh, a girl can dream, can't she?!  And now that he and Jessica Biel are having an "open" dating relationship... In the meantime I will be picking up Givenchy Play for my current husband, it smells amazing!  Bergamot, orange, grapefruit, vetiver, patchouli, black pepper and coffee flower - yummy, just like Justin!
So this isn't Mr. Beckham's most recent fragrance which would be Signature Story but I have 2 problems with the ad for that one - 1) David is sporting a shaved head, which I hate and 2) his wife is in the ad with him and she is so skinny and perfect that she makes me want to go eat a cake, why put myself through that?  I'm just going to concentrate on his mesmerizing gaze here and forget whats-her-face exists...sighhhhhhhh
You have to hand it to the marketing and advertising people for all these fragrances, they sure know what they are doing!  Now please excuse me I have to go find a mop to clean up the drool puddle!

- Lisamarie -

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