November 30, 2009

I Can't Stop Touching Myself...Because of You, NeoStrata!

"No, No, No, I can't stop touching myself, now!". This is not a new Britney's song -although it would make  fabulous lyrics for her- no, this is me looking in the mirror after using the NeoStrata - Skin Renewal Peel Solution (all skin types), in disbelief.

After Lisamarie's glowing review of the NeoStrata resurfacing duo, I decided to try the Skin Renewal Solution. I was tired and not in a particularly good mood that night (I know! It almost never happens, right?). I opened the box and noticed the bottle had a dropper and thought NeoStrata was using a gimmick to make their packaging interesting. I rolled my eyes...until I realized it was actually really smart: with the dropper you have the ability to apply the few drops required to moisten the very thin cotton pads included in the box, so you don't make a mess as the dosage is very precise. But then, I thought: "well, it's only a few drops, what difference can it make to my skin?". And don't expect the pleasant smell that some of their other products have, you will be disappointed. So, using a cotton pad, I put it on my face (I didn't even bother with massaging my face as recommended), then left it on for 10 minutes. It didn't tingle, I didn't feel a thing, so then I told myself: "Ugh, if I don't feel anything, it's probably not doing much". Still cranky, I rinsed my face.

Holy crap. My face now feels smooth. Really smooth. My skin even looks smoother after one use. This is insane. I have used it once! I can't stop touching my face. Stop it Christelle. It even tightened the large pores on my nose (aren't you glad to get to know me that intimately?). Basically, the glycolic acid really helps eliminate dead cells responsible for dull and uneven skin. I'm not cranky anymore, I'm too busy touching myself. After using this solution for a few days, I'm glad to report that my face hasn't melted, and is still soft like a baby's bottom!

This product does not come cheap at $73, but is totally worth the price tag. I have a combination/oily skin so  getting rid of the shine can be a challenge and this solution totally did it. Problem is: I know I'm already addicted. I would totally fight you in an arena full of lions and snakes to get to the last bottle from the drugstore. And you know it would be a vicious fight. Thankfully, there is still enough Skin Renewal Peel Solution for everybody to keep the peace on the streets of Canada. Phew.



  1. I bought it too and it's practically eliminated the black heads and large pores, especially on my nose where it looked the worse. Thanks for the info about it.

  2. Yes it's a pretty awesome lotion. I would not fight in a pit full of snakes for no reason!



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