November 18, 2009

And you thought your job sucked?! Kudos to Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb and The Bay - you sure know how to torture your employees!

There's not a lot that will make me stop when I'm on a mission to Sephora on my lunch hour but as I was cutting through the Bay to get to the mall, this did.  Specifically the perfume spritzer lady wearing a huge hat like this one pictured.  Sympathy for having a job that requires you to wear a giant flower on your head is the only reason I let her spray me with Viktor & Rolf - Flowerbomb - from the name there is nothing about it that I expected I would like as I am not a fan of the floral - and upon smelling it, yup, the top notes are way too floral for my taste.  On my way back seeing the flower lady still at work reminded me to smell it again and surprisingly it had dried down to something sweet that I quite like.  Would I buy it?  Probably not.  There was a gift set in the display with a fragrance and a bath gel and the price sticker was $200 and something - that's a little rich for my blood.  But hey, if you have all kinds of money and like floraly fragrances that might turn into something sweet if you have awesome body chemistry like mine then go for it!

- Lisamarie _


  1. No that flower is not very becoming, but have you seen the add for the Vera Wang Princess Born to Rule, now that's one pretty crown on the models head, not the actual bottle. :)

  2. Is it wrong that I love it... ;-)

    Best, Lisamarie


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