November 21, 2009

Victoria's Worst Kept Secret: It's Ugly.

In an explosion of colors and ugliness that can only be compared to...wait, I can't think about a worse runway. Let me start again. The latest Victoria's Secret collection introduced über tacky designs yesterday (I'm trying to speak Heidi Klum Samuel's language, get it?). And if you don't believe me, here are a few pictures that should convince you:

Chanel Iman is clearly the best thing in this picture. If you think it looks bad from the back, I've got bad news for you...

...It looks worse from the front.

Nothing says "class" like "Hey You" on your crotch. Men are not that thick, you know.

Stripperlicious! You know Lil' Kim will fight you to death for this outfit. Or maybe not, since she wore a similar design 10 years ago. She's over it, and you should be too.

Yes, the model is hot. Her khaki-colored lingerie is not.

What's Victoria's Secret target market exactly? Teenagers or women? Or women who think they are still teenagers? My head hurts. I need a drink again. I'm becoming a raging alcoholic and it's all Victoria's Secrets' fault.



  1. Hehehe, I totally agree with you! They look aweful, terribly bad taste. Oh and yes, men are not that thick, well most of us are not... ;-)
    Great post, thanks for sharing with us.
    Have a stunning week!

  2. I know my blog is not better than yours, and I am not sure whether you even like my blog, but I would love to exchange links with you guys, so if you could find it in your kind hearts to add my humble blog URL to your list, I will also add your lovely blog URL to mine. :-)
    Have a super day!

  3. Holy Awfulness! No wonder I never shop at VS!


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