November 26, 2009

Urban Decay - perfect eyeliner and half naked men, what's not to like?

You may recall from this post that I purchased the Urban Decay Hall of Fame set during one of my Sephora Holiday Magic ordering frenzies.  I bought it for the super sized primer potion and didn't really think about the other things in the set.  Of course that's always when you discover something wonderful as I did here.

I have mentioned that I have a hard time with eyeliners, even waterproof ones become all smudgy on me as my eye area is oily and provides it's very own built in eye makeup remover.  So yesterday I needed a black eyeliner and just happened to grab the cute little one that came with the UD set.  I use a pencil liner on my waterline and a bit of powder liner underneath.  Now I know the pencil isn't going to stay but the theory is that I will eventually blink it into a nice little line underneath.  This usually works to a degree but never that successfully.  Until I did it with the 24/7 pencil - my waterline liner became a perfect line underneath - I mean PERFECT!  It didn't smudge or migrate for hours!  Eventually the outer corners of my eye did become a little blurry but that was well after lunch which included a trip to the gym.  I'm impressed!  I might have to test this out a little further and I am thinking the  24/7 Super Stash will be necessary for my experiment...

The second happy surprise was the Pocket Rocket Lip Gloss.  The mini tube you get has Timothy in his underwear but the full sized one gives you a clothed Timothy who will strip to his skivvies when you tip the tube.  Reminds me of those naked lady pens you see in the gift shop at Niagara Falls.  Even better then the half naked man is the colour of this lip gloss.  In the tube it looks like a really bright coral but on your lips, it's much sheerer and has impressive staying power.  I am sitting here wearing it right now and drinking a glass of water, most of it is still on my lips and what is on the glass looks really pretty.  It smells sweet going on but the smell goes away, I can't smell anything now.  I have already ordered one of these for a friend for Christmas.  She has 3 kids so I think a half naked man who can't get pregnant and will make her lips look good should make her happy.

- Lisamarie -

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