November 11, 2009

Canadian Girls' Triple D's

Exhibit 1: From an H&M store in Toronto

Exhibit 2: From the same H&M store

Canadian girls are in denial, denial, denial. That's the triple D I was talking about, you pervs. Those H&M shoes are super cute, but really this is November and this is CANADA. I know this may come as a shock to you but it's not warm outside. Not even a little bit. I understand if you buy sexy heels to go out, but why do they have to be open toes? While looking for shoes yesterday, I realized that just like last year, the shoe collections include way too many open toes and summery designs to be worn in this season. Weird. Maybe it's a subtle message to tell people to go away.

Then, I found this monstrosity at RW & Co. You'd only wear those shoes if you were REALLY REALLY cold or 89 years old, or both! And I don't care if you wear them inside the house, they are so vile, if any man is around you, he will run away and rightfully so!

Oh and by the way, I will be camping in front of the H&M store until the Jimmy Choo collection is available. I have already warned you: nobody comes between Jimmy and me.



  1. Hello Christelle, I agree with you on the "monstrosity" ...uuhmm... stuff, well I cannot call them shoes, they are somewhere between slippers and snowshoes. It makes me thankful my wife doesnt like shoes like those. They are hidious to say the least and I do not care how cold it gets, I think a pair of feminine boots will do the trick, and be more practical.

    Maybe you should buy the open toed shoes now, their price should be down now!

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    Have a super day and best wishes.

  2. Ha! My type of man. A man who understands shoes :)


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