November 18, 2009

A Label is Worth a Thousand Words: Think Before You Buy Lingerie




I have a problem. Yes, I know, I have many problems.  But I'm talking about something that is not covered by our health care plan. These beautiful pictures from the latest Myla campaign  make me want to go to their website and buy everything... but like I said: I have a problem.

First, I've never tried their lingerie on, so I am unsure about Myla lingerie's fit or quality. And then...what do I see on their website? Some underwear are made in Portugal (good sign) while more of them are made in China (bad sign). It's one thing to buy clothes made in China, but trust me, buying -fairly expensive- lingerie made in China is another. Now, I know what you're going to say: Christelle, don't be a snob. 
Well, if you're one of the ladies lining Victoria's Secrets pockets with your hard-earned cash, you might think that buying lingerie made in China is not a big deal. But don't you want to get value for money?

One of my projects led me to look for quality lingerie for 2 years - I wasn't kidding when I said I love lingerie - getting samples from many Chinese factories, but to no avail: the quality is simply not there yet. In other words: it's crap. Merde. Mierda. Scheiße. You get the drift!

The best lingerie brands on the market (Aubade, Barbara etc...) have their production lines in Europe or in North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia) for logistics of course, but also because the quality - particularly in the details - is really superior. This is a very specialized craft and my advice to you, if you want to spend your money on nice lingerie, is to stay away from the "Made in China" label, at least for now.

Therefore, I will only look at the pretty Myla pictures and I will refrain from buying anything for now...


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